null Men's Loafers | Shop Penny Loafers & Leather Loafers | Aquila men’s shoe</a> styles, and an essential piece in any man’s wardrobe. From the traditional horsebit, the penny loafer, to the playful tasselled leather loafer, the many style variations offered by the traditional loafer construction are a footwear staple. <br> </summary> From their humble origins in the 1930s, when loafer shoes were worn by the working everyman, loafers have become a staple of sartorial style and provide a sleek finish for any occasion. Men’s loafers are suitable for everything from a formal black-tie event to everyday life. Leather loafer shoes are a perfect finishing touch to any smart ensemble and will also elevate smart casual weekend attire. Aquila has a broad range and deep understanding of <a href="/style-guide/loafers-guide">men’s loafers</a> to help you find your next best, classic footwear purchase. <br><br> Men’s loafers are simpleyet stylish whilst also providing an elegant touch. These men’s loafers offer a sense of versatility, which solidifies their position as one of Aquila’s essential shoes for men. <br><br> The ultimate blend of style and simplicity, the clean construction of penny loafers remain a classic statement. For a modern take on a traditional business shoe, black loafers are an alternative to a classic lace up shoe, but also pair impeccably with a classic t-shirt and jeans combination for easy off-duty cool. Loafer shoes for men are not restricted to a single season, as the weather warms up, loafers offer a polished finish when paired with shorts – <a href="/style-guide/can-you-wear-loafers-with-socks">no socks required with loafers!</a> <br><br> Discover a range of neutral finishes in black, brown, navy, and more, to easily incorporate a pair of men’s <a href="/mens-shoes/leather-shoes/loafers">leather loafers</a> or suede loafers into your everyday wardrobe. For the adventurist, opt for more daring finishes, with colourful, and attention-grabbing prints, with a range of luxurious materials on offer. <br><br> If you’re looking for more inspiration on <a href="/style-guide/how-to-style-loafers">how to style your loafers</a>, check out our guide on how to style men’s loafers, for some useful insights and <span class="last-word">tips. </span> </details> </div> <p>[end hero]</p> <div> { "banners": [ { "position": "6", "image": "", "title": " ", "text": " ", "cta": " ", "url": "/mens-shoes" }, { "position": "15", "image": "", "title": " ", "text": " ", "cta": " ", "url": "/collections/back-in-stock" } ] } </div> <p>[end banners]</p>"/>
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