null Laptop Bags | Men’s Leather Computer Cases | Aquila men's bags</a> is thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, style and purpose. Grab your laptop bag and have confidence that all your items will be safely and securely transported throughout your day. <br><br> With our wide range of colours and styles, Aquila’s laptop bags can suit every aesthetic. Choose from a relaxed, black messenger bag or opt for a navy structured briefcase. This collection of computer cases uses soft leather and premium designs to elevate anyone’s wardrobe. Complete your corporate wear with a <a href="/style-guide/best-mens-work-bags">high-quality work bag</a>. The range of laptop bags has been designed to meet the needs of modern-day professionals. Looking to elevate your work look? Browse the collection of <a href="/mens-shoes/work-shoes">work shoes</a> to find your <span class="last-word"> fit. </span> </details> </div> <p>[end hero]</p> "/>
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