null Men's Brogues | Shop Leather Brogue Shoes Online | Aquila for the office</a>. <br> </summary> ‘Brogues’ are characterised by the presence of ‘broguing’, the small holes making up the featured designs. From their origin as practical shoes for wet terrain, now Brogues have been elevated from function to form, incorporating detailing on traditional styles for the modern man looking for added interest. <br><br> There are many variations on the ‘brogue’ for men, as unlike most <a href="/mens-shoes">shoes the style is defined by the unique perforation, not the type of closure. While the majority of men's Brogue shoes are either <a href="/mens-shoes/derby-shoes">Derbies or <a href="/mens-shoes/oxford-shoes">Oxfords many styles of shoes, including <a href="/mens-shoes/boots">boots and <a href="/mens-shoes/monk-strap">Monk Straps</a>, can be ‘brogued’.For a combined vintage and modern feel, our leather Brogues or brown Brogues offer a classic twist with a sense of elegance for everyday classic wear. <br><br> A ‘full brogue’, also known as a ‘wingtip’, is the most classic iteration of the style, with the design forming a distinct ‘M’ or ‘W’ on the toe cap and extending along both sides. Pair a full brogue with cuffed khakis or dark wash denim, and a button-down shirt for a style-savvy smart casual look. With a ‘half’ or ‘semi brogue’, the perforations are contained to the toe cap, making them the mid-point between smart <a href="/mens-shoes/casual-shoes">casual and formal <a href="/mens-shoes/dress-shoes">dress shoes</a>. For a refined touch of interest with some old-school charm the most formal is a ‘quarter brogue’. Featuring some detailing along the caps edge, but not on the toe cap itself this style is ideal for the office and other more formal occasions. <br><br> For a better understanding on how to perfect the <a href="/style-guide/how-to-wear-brogues">men's Brogue shoe aesthetic</a>, we run through each style and how to wear them for their full <span class="last-word"> appeal. </span> </details> </div> <p>[end hero]</p> "/>
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