null Men's Bags | Men's Overnight Bags & Briefcases Online | Aquila messenger bags</a> carry sophisticated and practicality at their finest. <br><br> To cater to an overnight work trip, opt for a travel bag that can hold enough space for all your travel <a href="/accessories">accessories and daily essentials. Our range of <a href="/accessories/bags/overnight-bags">overnight bags</a> remain versatile and easy to store, with a range of compartments inside, making it an ideal carry-on for the busy weekend ahead. <br><br> For a more sophisticated approach, our range of mens work bags are perfect for carrying all the business essentials you need. For a stylish and practical option, our <a href="/accessories/bags/briefcases">briefcases offer a clean aesthetic and detachable shoulder straps for easy wear. <br><br> Crafted from premium leather, our offering will round off your look with impeccable ease, whether heading to the office or for a long weekend away. <br><br> Enjoy ease and comfort with carefully considered details and support, from shoulder bag styles to perfect carryalls. For further guidance on <a href="/style-guide/how-to-choose-the-perfect-bag">how to choose the right bag</a> for your individual style, have a read of our expert <span class="last-word"> guide! </span> </details> </div> <p>[end hero]</p> <div> { "banners": [ { "position": "6", "image": "", "title": " ", "text": " ", "cta": " ", "url": "/accessories" } ] } </div> <p>[end banners]</p> "/>
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